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Extended Use Dates

Due to continued intermittent supply interruptions of critical drugs, FDA is allowing some products to be used beyond the manufacturer’s labeled expiration date. To help ensure patient safety, these products should have been — and should continue to be — stored as labeled.

The by clicking the following link, you will be able to check if critical drugs have an extended expiration date.


FDA is not requiring or recommending that the identified lot numbers in the following table be relabeled with their new use dates. However, to avoid potential confusion and unwanted questions, it would be best to have some sort of date.  Follow these directions:


1.  Identify the Expired medications

2.  Using the FDA extension list determine the extended expiration date.  

In this case the new expiration is 1-JAN-2021.

3.  Update the medication with the new expiration date, being careful not to cover any important information.  Write FDA Expiration Extension, see printout.

4.  Print out the webpage as a reference with the extended expiration date and place with code cart Inventory/Expiration Date list.

Remember you must continue to try to acquire the product.  If replacement product becomes available during the extension period, then it is expected this medication is replaced and properly disposed of as soon as possible.

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