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Ambulatory Surgery Centers

We offer visits 2, 3, 4 (or more) annual visit rate plans.  We maintain professionalism, courtesy and emphasize COMPLIANCE.  Our rates are reasonable, however being out of compliance may lead to greater costs in the future.  Our phones and lines of communication are always open to answer any questions.  

Chart Audits

During a site visit, at least 10 charts will be reviewed for compliance.  Some focus areas include:

  • H&P

  • Anesthesia Documentation

  • Discharge Summaries 

Medication Audits

During your audit, we will take a close look at areas of medication management, how your center works at preventing errors and ensures daily vigilance.

  • SDV vs. MDV usage

  • Expired/par levels of medications

  • Every medication is examined


We focus on tracking not only potential issues but ways to combat rising costs.  Our graphs are easy to follow in wide variety of areas:

  • Infections

  • Falls

  • Hospitalizations

  • Comparitive medication cost tables

Controlled Substance Auditing

Done at each visit to examine if the Center has documentation issues or potential diversion.  We examine:

  • DEA 222 forms

  • Waste of CDS

  • CDS documentation

  • Tracking of CDS at each phase

Pharmacy Policy Review

We will review your Medication Management policies and work with leadership to ensure your Center is following best practice guidelines. 

  • Formularies

  • Developing Confused Medication Lists

  • Pharmacy Policy and Procedure Manuals


Education is a significant aspect of healthcare today.  We offer a variety of common topics for in-servicing your staff.

  • Single Dose Vials and Multi-Dose Vials

  • Malignant Hyperthermia

  • Utilization of DEA 222 forms

  • Medication Destruction

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