Dialysis Services

We focus on keeping your building compliant, educating staff while offering professional and courteous Consultant Pharmacist services.

Unit Inspection


Chart Audits

Courteous and Professional

Everyone makes mistakes, but while doing so our goal is to educate so these mistakes do not happen again.  We believe in maintaining professionalism, so your staff welcomes us as part of your team.

We always call ahead, and are available to answer medications related questions.  Let us come and show you the difference.

Noticing Trends

We have developed a revolutionary benchmarking system which compares numerous areas to the rest of our clients.  This will allow you to see how you are truly doing compared to all other centers.

Let us help you become a high achiever.

Simple and Complex

Noticing common mistakes are very important, but a true consultant pharmacist will do a full medication regimen review.  Our goal is to improve the overall health of your clients as best as we can.

Did you know most Dialysis patients take their Aspirin at the wrong time?