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Solving a frequent issue...

But you are a Consultant Pharmacist…

Whether it’s things as simple as noticing rust on bottoms of IV poles, or passing on survey information, we try to help our Centers as best as we can. Although SPD is not our forte, we do visit many centers and notice great ideas.

Anesthesiologists commonly open blades to test the connections with their scopes. Of course, once that blade is opened/exposed to blood spatter, it is no longer considered sterile. The following is a product a Center of ours uses which allows the anesthesiologist to check their scope/blades without breaking sterility. To see pictures of the laryngo-sheath, please click here.

laryngoscope blade
laryngoscope blade

The company is called laryngo-sheath.

Their website is

CAT# LS-122


We do not have a relationship with this company, so please do your own research to make sure it is right for you Center. If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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